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Autoclave Design for Microgravity Hydrothermal Synthesis

Congrats to Jessica J. Frick, Zhou Li, Jasmine Cox, and Debbie G. Senesky from the XLab for their work on this paper!

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Research Engineer

Jessica Frick

Research Engineer, Aeronautics & Astronautics

Dr. Jessica Frick received her B.S. in Chemistry (2014) from the University of Michigan and her M.A. in Chemistry (2016) and Ph.D. in Chemistry & Materials Science (2019) from Princeton University. Her dissertation as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow focused on bulk single crystal growth of direct bandgap semiconductors and their defect physics. She specializes in microgravity materials science and is a principal investigator of research on the International Space Station that studies the physical property effects of bulk crystal growth in microgravity.  


Ph.D., Chemistry & Materials Science, Princeton University, 2019
M.A., Chemistry, Princeton University, 2016
B.S., Chemistry, University of Michigan, 2014