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Autoclave Design for Microgravity Hydrothermal Synthesis

Congrats to Jessica J. Frick, Zhou Li, Jasmine Cox, and Debbie G. Senesky from the XLab for their work on this paper!

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High-Temperature Probe Station

Capabable of heating to 600C, this unique probe station affords high-fidelity electrical characterization in well-controlled thermal environments

Controlled Environment Probe Station

A multi-purposes testbed capable of performing electrical measurements of semiconductor devices up to 900C in a variety of environments, including air, inert ambient (nitrogen or argon), and vacuum.

Linkam Chamber

An isolated chamber with electrical measurement capabilities for evaluating semiconductor devices from approximately -180C (liquid nitrogen) to 600C under different atmospheres and pressures.

3D Printer

The modified LulzBot 3D printer is capable of rapid fabrication of objects made from a variety of polymer materials. In addition to standard 3D printing filament materials, we are capable of printing in conductive PLA, polycarbonate, and Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK).

Hall Effect Measurement Setup

Consisting of a shielding chamber and multi-axis magnetic field generator, this setup allows for precision measurements of small fields without the influcence of Earth's magnetic field.

Supercritical CO2 Chamber

This custom chamber can maintain pressures up to 2000 psi at temperatures as high as 500C under CO2, N2, or vacuum atmosphere. The primary use of the chamber is to simulate supercrictical CO2 extreme environments, such as the surface of Venus (~96% supercritical CO2) or the interior of wells used for CO2 sequestration and carbon capture and storage applications. The setup allows for in situ electrical measurements.

Tube Furnace

This three-zone tube furnace, with custom built temperature controller, can reach a maximum temperature of 1200 C. The current setup is used to anneal samples in sealed containers (e.g., quartz, stainless steel, ceramic). The tube furnace can be outfitted with a gas line to anneal samples in inert atmosphere (e.g., Ar, N2) or reducing/oxidizing environments.